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The Restoration Process
Below is a general overview of our restoration process, restoration types, along with our billing and policy requirements.

Classic King's Automotive offers several different types of restorations. This depends on the condition of the vehicle and the clients goals. 

Show Quality Driver Restoration

This type of restoration is the most common for a majority of enthusiasts. Most enthusiasts enjoy driving a reliable and beautiful vehicle, within a target budget. To help our clients accomplish their goals, this type of restoration would require less expensive materials and parts, without sacrificing quality.  For example, we might recommend using vinyl instead of leather in your interior. ​A show quality restoration would only address the areas that need restored to obtain such a level. 

Note: To obtain a show quality restoration within a realistic budget, the vehicle must be a good candidate. Meaning, if the floors, trunk pans, engine, and interior are deplorable, then a frame off or concours restoration is more realistic. We only recommend a frame off or concours restoration if our clients will see their return on investment, or if they really love their vehicle.    

Concours Restoration & Frame Off
​This type of restoration involves a more extensive and thorough process. At this level, the vehicle is restored based on factory specifications. The vehicle is typically removed from the frame, or in cases of a uni-body, they are placed on a rotisserie. All of the structural issues are corrected and the vehicle is restored back to or exceeding the factory level. To be clear, every single part of the vehicle is restored or replaced, down to each nut and bolt. This level of restoration is time consuming and can range from 5 months to about a year, depending on the condition of vehicle.

Note: To help our clients secure their investment, we recommend consulting with us prior to the purchase of your next restoration. This will help ensure that the price of the restoration will not exceed the value of the vehicle. However, it is impossible to give an exact price of what it will cost to restore a vehicle until it is disassembled. An estimate can be given based on a general inspection, and prior restorations of the same model.       
Billing & Policy Requirements 

Our establishment and contents there in are completely insured. However, we require that all of our clients vehicles are fully insured throughout the build process. Proof of insurance is required before the build process begins and may be requested periodically throughout the build.  

Billing & Payment
  • Before the build process begins, we require 50% of the estimated build.  
  • You will receive a monthly or biweekly invoice depending on the progress of the build. The invoice will need to be paid in full within 7 business days of the dated invoice.
  • Included in the invoice, you will find each part and material used on your vehicle
  • Indiana State sales Tax will be collected for all parts and materials at a 7% rate. 
  • You will receive a comprehensive disk or email, containing pictures of the progress, from start to finish 
  • Payments are excepted in the forms of check, cash, or debit. 

Estimates of Restoration 

There are too many variables associated with a complete restoration. Thus, it is impossible to give an exact restoration cost. An estimate can be given based on a general inspection, combined with our experience from prior restorations of the same or similar vehicle. During each segment of the build, an exact total will be given in the invoice. The invoice may be higher or lower than the price discussed in the estimate per segment.   

Segmented Restoration
This type of restoration is only for a good condition candidate. This would apply to an awesome original car or a good older restoration. For example, if the vehicle only needs a paint job or some interior work, then a segmented restoration would be the way to go.