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Core Competencies 

Definition of Core Competencies:  A unique ability that a company acquires from its founders or develops and that cannot be easily imitated. 

At Classic King's Automotive, our style and superior quality of craftsmanship are not easily imitated, but many try. What the other restoration shops are missing, is a leader and founder that is highly skilled in almost every aspect involved with restoring classic cars correctly. This includes everything from leading and forming the best team, to restoring every segment of a classic. 

Our founder Mr. King has refined his restoration skills. This includes awesome metal, mechanical, interior, body, & paint skills. He has also refined the business aspect of the industry as well and developed one of the best teams in the industry.

Below you will find just some of our core competencies that place us at the top of the Industry. 

The Core Competencies of Classic King's Automotive 

Our Owner

A.Superior metal fabrication, body repair, and welding skills
B.Highly refined painting & preparation techniques
C.Great interior restoration abilities
D. Awesome European & Domestic mechanical skills
E.Superior European & Domestic electrical repair and diagnostics
F.Years of experience from non-stop restorations & skill refinement
G.Surrounded and schooled by the best team and old school builders
H.Superior multi managerial and leadership skills

Our Organization

A.An owner with an unmatchable skill set
B.Only the highest skilled and most knowledgeable employees
C.Awesome, machinists 
D.Old school European & Domestic mechanical teams 
E.Highest quality parts & material suppliers
F.Super experienced fabricators and engineers
G.Old school upholstery and interior team  
H.Registered Business with the State of Indiana
I.Registered Retail Merchant with the State of Indiana
J.Compliant with all OSHEA Codes
K.Compliant with all federal laws & regulations pertaining to our industry
L.Compliant with the new Indiana automotive refinishing laws & regulations
M.Compliant with zoning and permitting requirements, both City & State
N.A highly secured, monitored, and insured facility 
O.We can go from A to Z, but we like to be modest