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It is strange how Classic King's Automotive came about. Like anything good, it just happened naturally! Our owner Mr. King, loves old classic cars and couldn't find any shops that could build them to the quality standards that he expected. He also noticed that these other shops were not genuine on a personal or professional level. Thus, while Mr. King was in college for business, he began building his classics himself and it is all history from there.

During the years leading to the creation of Classic King's, Mr. King continued with his academics, while refining his restoration skills. Mr. King graduated with honors and continued his path of developing a superior level of craftsmanship and ownership. With the creation of Classic King's, Mr. King has built a team that endures the same quality of craftsmanship and ownership per individual build. Mr. King's main focus is putting his team and clients first. He believes that by putting his team and clients before himself, that the blessings will follow. This type of positive thinking is what created Classic King's and is what will carry us into the future. 

By placing his team and clients first, Mr. King has built a highly positive reputation, both domestically and internationally. Thus, Classic King's is setting  industry standards globally. 

All of our clients have been completely satisfied with our professional and quality services. This positive reputation has transcended to our online presence as well. Mr. King started in the industry by restoring his own classics, then selling them on venues such as eBay. Our eBay feedback score has maintained a continuous 100% rating as a seller since the beginning. Each personal feedback comment left by eBay buyers purchasing our restored classics, confirms our level of dedication and high quality standards. 

With such a positive global response, Mr. King started focusing on the local market by restoring classics for the public. Now with local restorations, we are increasing our positive reputation even further, which allows us to seek other awesome craftsmen and team members.  

At Classic King’s Automotive, we provide the best restoration services in the industry. Specializing in classic and import vehicles, we have refined our skills, and developed a superior level of craftsmanship, in comparison to our competitors. With our refined and efficient skills, this allows us to restore your vehicle faster than our competitors, which saves you time and money, without sacrificing quality. 

Here at Classic King's, we understand that your vehicle is an investment and in most cases, has been a part of your family throughout generations. This is why we pride ourselves in each individual restoration, to ensure complete service excellence.

Although we specialize in classic and import vehicles, we also provide the same restorations services for any type of vehicle, new or used. Simply put, if you love your vehicle and are seeking quality restoration services, look no further!